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Mj Night 


By Eilla M. Powers 

Concord, N. H. 

Woodbury E, Hunt 



Library of Congroi% 
onico of tke 

MAY 14 1900 

Kcslttor cf Copyrfgklft 



Copyright 1900 


Woodbury E. Hunt 

'er easiem plains the star-lit $ky 
Becomes tlluminea, radiant, bright; 
Che distant bills like silver gleam 

On tbis, tbe boly nidbt« 
In radiant ligbt tbe angels sing 

Cbat world°loi)ed song witb one accord: 
''for unto you is bom tbis day 
B Sai^iour wbicb is gbrist tbe Cord>'' 

he music ceased; still i$ fbe air; 
Awe-struck in whispers strange ana low, 
Che shepherds to the angels' care 

now leave their flocks and softly go 
O'er misty fields to the little town; 

H %mts ray is their pathway bright 
Chat leads to the lowly manger hushed 
By the splendor of that holy night. 

b! speechless, blinaed, tbey draw near, 
Cbe piercing splendor grows more wild, 
Coucbed are tbe beans of tbe sbepberds now; 
Xls tbe sweet young motber and ber cblldi 
Xls Cbrlst, tbe King tbe bards foretold; 

Cbe world^s great gift, so pure, so brigbt, 
Xis €bnst tbe King of all tbe eartb, 
(Ubo came on tbis first €bristntas nigbt. 

ubilant bells, peal out the sm* 
Of tbe ebrisKblld^s boly birtb, 
Down tbe glad years tbe tones prolong 
Cbrougbout tbe wbole broad eartb. 
Vour balleluiabs ring out far, 
Peal out from bill and glen, 
Cbis first glad ebristmas carol bhgbt 
Of ** Peace, Good will to men." 


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